Green Sand

At Poitras Foundry, we harness the power of green sand vertical DISA molding machines to deliver cost-effective, high-quality castings.

Our technology streamlines both prototype and full-scale production, ensuring efficiency and precision across all projects.

By partnering with us, clients enjoy a seamless, economical casting solution, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the automotive industry.

Core Making

Poitras advances core-making with the Isocure™ technique, operating three LL10 Laempe Core Machines for quick, efficient production of durable cores. 

This process minimizes waste and costs, thanks to optimized material use and our specialized in-house core box customization. Our ability to swiftly adapt to diverse project needs affirms our role as a leading provider of innovative, cost-effective core solutions, perfectly aligned with the complex requirements of our clients.

3 Laempe LL10 coldbox machines

Melt Shop

Our process begins by selecting from a variety of iron blends to meet each casting’s unique specification. Large furnaces melt the iron and stay at temperatures ranging from 2,600 to 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Computerized systems constantly monitor temperature.Electric induction melting is the most cost efficient type of melting process. In addition, it is very environmentally friendly, using only electricity.

2x ABP coreless induction furnace, 9TN each
2x ABP coreless induction furnace, 3.5TN each

Vertical Molding

Each of our 3 automated, vertically parted, high-pressure green sand molding machines are custom-integrated and maintained in-house.

Green sand molding provides a variety of advantages for our customers:

  • Lower cost compared to other casting processes
  • Provides the capability to produce a wide variety of casting geometries
  • Ability to produce both prototype and production volumes with the same process
  • Our molding lines boast unrivalled setup efficiency, ensuring rapid transitions and minimal downtime.

2 DISAMATIC D1: 400 x 500 (mm)
1 DISAMATIC 131-A (D3): 480 x 600 (mm)

Automated Finishing

At Poitras, our castings undergo an advanced finishing process, including robotic grinding technology to ensure utmost quality and precision. Our investment in cutting-edge technology underscores our commitment to excellence, affirming our leadership in delivering unmatched value to our clients.

We integrate our finishing systems with vision-assisted inspection and automated robotic cells.

5x KUKA 5 KR-120 R2500 PRO

Lean manufacturing principles are employed in plant design, operations and management practices.