Design and

Poitras excels in product and tooling design, utilizing advanced 3D modelling and computerized engineering tools. Our expertise enables us to have strong process controls, surpass customer expectations, and provide faster than average production lead times.

At Poitras Foundry, we leverage Magmasoft to enhance our tooling designs, ensuring efficiency and quality. This leading simulation software is critical in optimizing the casting process, reducing development time, and improving product reliability. Our use of Magmasoft demonstrates our commitment to casting integrity, innovation and delivering superior value to our customers.


Poitras Foundry utilizes FaroArm and PolyWorks for advanced precision in casting processes, ensuring our products meet stringent standards. These tools allow for detailed 3D scanning and analysis, improving dimensional accuracy and machining efficiency. 

This integration highlights our commitment to quality and technological advancement, maintaining our leadership in the foundry sector.

We utilize multiple KEYENCE vision systems to monitor and measure critical features on our most demanding drivetrain castings. This automated process significantly reduces the potential for human error during inspection, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Lean manufacturing principles are employed in plant design, operations and management practices.