As a Tier 2 supplier to the automotive industry, Poitras provides drivetrain components to a wide range of international customers. A strong portfolio of partners and suppliers keeps us on the industry’s cutting edge.  Specialized metallurgy has been developed over the years to provide precise microstructures with superior machinability, resulting in longer lasting tool life.

At Poitras, we pursue continuous improvements in quality and efficiency through the investment in state-of-the-art equipment, training, and R&D to stay up to date in this ever-changing world. We are committed to offering our clients the best customer service. We build long term partnerships to ensure satisfaction both in product and experience.

Excellence is achieved by having a management team that has worked in all areas of the field, along with employees who are committed to one mission; Customer Satisfaction. Be it fortune 500 companies, or businesses on their way up, we take pride in every client and, by extension, the millions of people who rely on our products day in and day out. Since the creation of the company in 1920,  our success has been dependent on the commitment to investment in our people, equipment, and technology.

01. Our Vision

We believe that the two most important things to our business are our customers and the quality products we supply.  Motivation is knowing how far we have come and that we will only keep growing from here.

02. Our Mission

At Poitras, we differentiate ourselves from competition through quality, innovation and continuous improvement. We supply world-class companies requiring small gray and ductile iron castings, while providing them with quality and technical support.

03. Our Values


04. Expanding Goal


Over $20M has been invested in technological advancements since 2000.


Poitras is located on 14.8 acres within the city of l ’Islet, Quebec. Designed with lean manufacturing principles in mind, Poitras spans 70,000 square feet. Ceiling heights are 17-20 feet tall throughout the plant offering good air flow and a safe environment for our employees.  The facility employs more than 150 plant workers supported by an additional production and office team of 40 employees.


Operations: lean manufacturing principles are employed in plant design, operations and management practices.

Metal Capacity:  15,000 Tn

Iron Type: Grey & Ductile

Casting size: 1 lbs to 20 lbs/ 0.50 kg to 10 kg

Markets served:

-Light vehicle
-Commercial vehicle
-Agricultural application